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  • Collaborate – regular events and discussion forums for professionals with international clients, including migration agents, cultural consultants, and venture capital managers

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  • Connect – introductions to industry experts and professionals to provide advice and support for clients with cross-jurisdictional requirements

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  • Co-ordinate – for Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applicants, bring together migration, banking, investment, tax and legal professionals to make the move to Australia as smooth as possible

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  • Communicate – coaching and mentoring  community members, facilitation  of delegations from Asia and keynote conference speaking and MC

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  • Curate –  blog on China-related events, articles and insights distributed via LinkedIn and regular member eNews

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  • Consult – assist with  strategy, introductions, projects, business matching, cultural insights and expertise on doing business with China

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If you are a professional working with international clients, particularly Asia, and are interested in collaborating with like-minded and passionate individuals, you can contact Expat Advisors Community founder Stacey Martin here to enquire about becoming part of our network.

Australia China Expo – check out activities in Sydney across first 2 days of June, 2016


This two-day Australian China exhibition is coming to Sydney on 1st and 2nd of June, 2016 at Hordern Pavilion, 1 Driver Ave, Moore Park. Check out the 3-minute showreel of the Melbourne Expo here.

The inaugural Australia-China B2B expo in Melbourne attracted 100 exhibitors,  and almost 3,000 attendees took advantage of the complimentary opportunity to connect with experts across the major Australian and Chinese business sectors. Continue reading Australia China Expo – check out activities in Sydney across first 2 days of June, 2016

Exporting Australia’s financial services capabilities: opportunities and insights from AWIC 2016

andrew Robb
Attending Australia Week in China in April 2016 and hearing from local sovereign wealth and other managers during the financial services dialogue in Shanghai, the financial capital of China, it became clear to me that Australia, with strong financial services capabilities and regulatory frameworks, has a lot to offer China in supporting the substantial growth in the Wealth Management sector.

Evolution of Australia’s financial services sector

Mark Johnson, AO Chairman of the Australian Financial Centre Task Force, and Australian representatives on the APEC Business Advisory Council, shared his experience of reform and development of the Australian financial services market from being restricted and regulated in the 1970’s, to today’s open and competitive market. Continue reading Exporting Australia’s financial services capabilities: opportunities and insights from AWIC 2016

Basis Point Aus-China property developers conference – 8th June, 2016

Basis point background imageValued business connection, David Chin, BasisPoints is holding the 2nd  Aus-China Property Developers conference will be held at the Western Hotel Grand Ballroom in Sydney.

Chinese-linked activity in Australia’s property industry is continuing unabated, but there are risks and opportunities aplenty. Property funds are increasingly influential in Australia.

There are strongly opposing views on the future direction of the property market, which will give rise to interesting debate during this event. What will be their impact on the property landscape and could this impact be replicated in China?

The line-up of speakers and delegates promises to be the largest gathering of Chinese and Australian property developers and investors in one ballroom. These include:

  • Chinese, Asian & Australian property developers and investors
  • Wealth managers & deal-spotters/’compradors’, property fund managers and syndicators
  • Service providers including financiers, lawyers, QSs, accountants, builders, contractors, site amalgamators, real estate agents, private bankers, corporate advisors, private equity managers, sales/distribution professionals, & architects .

Where: Grand Ballroom, Westin Hotel, Sydney

When:  Wednesday 8 June,2016 1.50pm to 7.30pm

Cost: $360 plus GST – use promo code “coffeeonstacey” for a small discount for Expat Advisors Community members and connections

To book: go to the website for program details and to register here.

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CIFIT Expo to be held in Xiamen, China – September 2016

Australia Business Forum pavilion - September 2015
Australia Business Forum pavilion – September 2015
If you want to do business in China, you should  go at least once a year. What better opportunity than the China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT).

XiaminNow in its 20th year, the four-day event will be held from 8th to 11th September 2016 in Xiàmén (厦门). Considered the “Gold Coast” of China, Xiamen is in the coastal province of Fujian, across the waterway from Taiwan. Continue reading CIFIT Expo to be held in Xiamen, China – September 2016