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Stacey Martin, Specialist Wealth Advisor - Expatriates and Significant Investor Visa, NAB Private Wealth. Based in Sydney, Stacey provides personal advice for executives, business owners and their families who's careers take them offshore. As Asia Ambassador, and Chair of NAB's Significant Investor Visa (SIV) proposition, Stacey works closely with migration, banking, tax and legal specialists to deliver an integrated service for investment migrants. She also founded the Expat Advisors Community for professionals with internationally connected clients.

Why is business networking valuable?

Why is business networking valuable?  Stacey chats to Peter May, Founding Executive Officer of CBD Sydney Chamber of Commerce about opportunities for businesses to serve overseas clients and some of the challenges clients may be facing.

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How can we create sustainable cities?

How is sustainable living helping in high density developments?  Stacey chats to Jess Miller Deputy Mayor of City of Sydney about sustainable living, high-density living, reviving the night time economy and how you can support local business.

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Are you tourist ready?

How can Australian business be a part of the growing tourism trend?  Stacey chats to Simon Henry of Uwai about the growing trend of tourism, and how the Uwai platform supports Australian tourism businesses to tap into the China market.

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What are the Chinese spending their money on?

What are the Chinese spending their money on?  Stacey chats to Tim Smith of The Food Box Network about what food and drink the Chinese are consuming, and some cooking trends in China, and how you can get your food products into China.

The fabulous Stacey Martin interviews Tim Smith – Chairman of the Food Box Network.

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Expats former homes to be fully taxable

Proposed legislation designed to deter foreign investors from investing in Australian homes will also impact Aussies currently working overseas. 

Australia has experienced a boom property prices, much of which is being blamed on the increase in the number of foreign investors.

The government has been introducing a range of measures to make investment by foreigners more expensive. The latest change is removal of the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exception completely. Continue reading Expats former homes to be fully taxable