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Stacey Martin, Specialist Wealth Advisor - Expatriates and Significant Investor Visa, NAB Private Wealth. Based in Sydney, Stacey provides personal advice for executives, business owners and their families who's careers take them offshore. As Asia Ambassador, and Chair of NAB's Significant Investor Visa (SIV) proposition, Stacey works closely with migration, banking, tax and legal specialists to deliver an integrated service for investment migrants. She also founded the Expat Advisors Community for professionals with internationally connected clients.



• 在澳洲行业指导下,上限为一百万澳元需投资于初创企业作为风险投资。
• 一百五十万澳元需用于购买小型股票或者微型股票,这些股票必须是澳洲证券交易所中的上市股票,并且交易排名需在300名之后。
• 余额则需用来购买澳洲股票、房产或者公司债券基金。



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重大投资移民(Significant Investor Visa, 简称SIV)的审理进程将于今年四月二十四日暂停受理。届时,澳洲所有州政府都将不再有资格发放该签证所需的政府邀请函,并于七月一日起由澳洲贸易委员会全权接手。





Venture Capital – an overview for those working with SIV Applicants

Seed_growingWhy has the government targeted this sector?

When announcing a review the Significant Investor Visa program in October 2014, Andrew Robb, Minister for Trade and Investment, said:

“Our aim, as part of our broader competitiveness agenda, is to attract more investment into Australia that makes a material difference to supporting sustainable growth, productivity and job creation. We are keen to attract additional investment which supports innovation and which provide new sources of growth capital.”

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“China’s 3 Dreams” screening and panel discussion – Monday 4th May

China 3 DreamsWinner of Best Documentary at the 2014 Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards
Once, China’s ordinary citizens dreamed of a watch, a bicycle and a radio. Today they strive for wealth and a better life, often to the detriment of family and tradition.

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