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Stacey Martin, Specialist Wealth Advisor - Expatriates and Significant Investor Visa, NAB Private Wealth. Based in Sydney, Stacey provides personal advice for executives, business owners and their families who's careers take them offshore. As Asia Ambassador, and Chair of NAB's Significant Investor Visa (SIV) proposition, Stacey works closely with migration, banking, tax and legal specialists to deliver an integrated service for investment migrants. She also founded the Expat Advisors Community for professionals with internationally connected clients.

Significant Investor Visa – more focus on funding venture capital and emerging companies


For those assisting clients assisting with Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applications, have a look at the article in The Australian newspaper today “Rich migrants told to put funds to work.”

The Austrade consultation paper on last years proposed changes to SIV the and the introduction of a Premium Investor Visa (PIV) category is due for release today, following feedback from the Financial Services Council and other industry participants.

Austrade suggests 20 per cent of an SIV investor’s $5m should be placed into early stage, growth capital investments through government-approved venture capital funds and 30 per cent must be invested in managed funds investing in ASX-listed emerging companies.

It has already been mooted that investing into government bonds does not necessarily add to the economic prosperity of Australia, and with concerns on rising property prices a ban on using SIV funds for property acquisition is not surprising.

However, requiring SIV Applicants to allocate a large proportion of their complying funds into higher risk investments that are likely to exceed the personal risk profiles of many individuals, means it  will be essential that potential investment migrants get the appropriate information and advice about their options.

Check out the article here.


Do you have clients who have migrated from the UK?

UK photo

It may be wise to check if they have transferred their UK pension schemes over to the Australian superannuation system. From April 6, 2015 members of public sector pension schemes, including those covering the former National Health Service, will no longer be able to transfer the money to an Australian super fund.

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Recommended Reading – Inside the Chinese Mind

I first met Geoff Baker and Helen Zhang in January 2013 at the Think Global forum day in Hong Kong as part of my first Asia delegation. Having been there for almost a week I’d wished someone had told me to read the book before the trip! I loved the stories they shared, especially the protracted meetings and entertainment that goes along with doing business in China. For those that don’t drink (or want to stay alert!) you can have a drinking delegate to keep up with the toasts – could be a popular job in Australia as well!

Check out this article from 2015 delegate and business friend Peter Black. The book Inside the Chinese Mind can be downloaded from Amazon.


I had the benefit on the Invest in Australia Mission of being introduced to Geoff Baker, originally an Australian lawyer and investment banker, who co-authored with his Chinese born wife, Helen Zhang (both pictured below with IIA mission leaders Caroline Hong and David Thomas) , a book titled “Inside the Chinese Mind: A Guide on How the Chinese Think”.

For anyone doing business, working with or sharing experiences with people originally from China, I highly recommend this book as an essential, well laid out and easy to read fast track guide to start to understand the many centuries of influences on the current culture which has shaped the Chinese people.
Some key concepts which are covered in the book, with the Chinese terms well described, include:
  • The Five Core Elements of Chinese Thinking
    1. Language that Shapes the Mind
    2. Yin and Yang
    3. Chinese Connectedness
    4. Midstream Living
    5. Face “mianzi” – More Important than Life Itself
  • The different types of Enterprises in China – State, Private and Foreign
  • The difference between leaders and decision makers
  • The work ethics of the different generations – with particular emphasis on some changes coming through with Generation Y
  • Communication and relationships in China – including “guanxi“, what “Yes” actually means and the various “Circles of Influence”
  • Both the Big Things and the Little Things that matter
  • How the Rule of Law works and how agreements and conflict are actually handled.
(Geoff Baker, Helen Zhang, Caroline Hong, David Thomas)

For more articles from Peter Black, Executive Coach and TEC Chair, on his experiences during the Invest in Australia Mission and Asia Financial Forum, check out his blog here.

Planning is underway for a Thnk Global delgation to Australia China Business Week 2015 in May to Guangzhou and Hong Kong – register your interest here.



Speaker bios – SIV Seminar in Hong Kong

Stacey Martin, NAB Private Wealth, Sydney & founder of Expat Advisors Community

Stacey Martin has been providing personal wealth management and advisory services for more than 20 years to senior executives, business owners and wealthy families. She specialises in working with globally mobile executives in maximising the financial success of their offshore assignments through strategies before departure, whilst offshore and importantly planning return.

Working with other internationally connected accountants, lawyers and migration professionals, the inbound opportunity to assist investment migrants through the Significant Investor Visa program draws on her cross jurisdictional expertise and cultural awareness.

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Suren Pather, Chairman SUMO Group of Companies 

suren pather

With more than 25 years experience in the financial services industry, Suren Pather created one of the first multi-disciplinary professional practices in Australia, integrating a Chartered Accounting, Financial Planning and Legal Practice successfully to become one of the leading boutique advisory practices to High-Net worth clients.

Chairman of the SUMO Group of Companies, across China, India, South-East Asia and Africa, this includes SUMO SIV Managed Fund Pty Ltd.

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Cher Jones, NSW Trade and Investment

cher_jonesCher Jones is the Trade and Investment Commissioner representing the New South Wales Government for South China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This supports inward trade and investment across resources, agribusiness, infrastructure, construction, advanced manufacturing and the pharmaceutical sectors.

Cher was previously the Associate Director of ANZ Guangzhou Branch with responsibilities in corporate and institutional banking for large local corporations in South China. Her career in Australia included 5 years at the CSIRO contributing to the commercialisation of Australian intellectual property in food technology, agribusiness and biotechnology.

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Ivan Chait, Santa Fe Immigration

Ivan Chait

Ivan Chait has over 25 years’ experience in the migration industry. Santa Fe Relocation is a global mobility company providing complete end to end relocation services. This includes advice and assistance with applications for temporary and permanent residency for Australia, New Zealand and other global destinations.

Clients range from multinational corporations and SME’s relocating their employees internationally, to individual families relocating from a range of international jurisdictions.  This includes Significant Investor Visa applicants from South Africa and China.

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Thomas Tang, NAB Private Wealth Advisory, Hong Kong

thomas tang

Thomas Tang is a dual licensed financial planner based in Hong Kong  who is also an Australian CFP. He provides personal wealth advisory services to Australian expatriates with expertise in wealth management and protection, superannuation and retirement planning, risk management and cross border solutions and expatriate services.

Through the NAB network, Thomas has access to a vast array of specialist services and products including Australia and Hong Kong investment and superannuation fund platforms.

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David Stevens, Contango

David-Stevens-2014David Stevens is Managing Director of Contango MicroCap Limited. He has worked in the investment industry for over 25 years.

David has been licensed as an Investment Manager in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Prior to launching Contango in 1998, David was Chief Investment Officer from 1990 and Chief Executive Officer from 1992 of HSBC Asset Management.

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Stephen Hardy, Executive Director, Hindmarsh

stephen hardyHindmarsh is a major Australian property developer and construction contractor in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. For over a decade, Hindmarsh have been working closely with Business talent (permanent) 132 Visa applicants nominated by the ACT Government.

Stephen Hardy  is also CEO of Australian Capital Ventures Limited (ACVL) which together with  ANU Connect Ventures, the venture capital arm of the Australian National University (ANU), a world leading research and teaching University, have established an SIV compliant fund called Significant Capital Ventures.

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