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Exporting Australia’s world class financial services

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Attending Australia Week in China in April 2016 and hearing from local sovereign wealth and other managers during the financial services dialogue in Shanghai, the financial capital of China, it became clear to me that Australia, with strong financial services capabilities and regulatory frameworks, has a lot to offer China in supporting the substantial growth in the Wealth Management sector.

Evolution of Australia’s financial services sector

Mark Johnson, AO Chairman of the Australian Financial Centre Task Force, and Australian representatives on the APEC Business Advisory Council, shared his experience of reform and development of the Australian financial services market from being restricted and regulated in the 1970’s, to today’s open and competitive market. Continue reading Exporting Australia’s world class financial services

“Financial Integration in the Asia Pacific: Fact and Fiction”

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Australia’s financial connectedness with the Asia-Pacific region lags its deepening economic, diplomatic and cultural ties, according to a landmark new report by the Australian Centre for Financial Studies.

Financial services are the largest single industrial segment of the Australian economy. The export of financial services is larger than tourism and education. However, high barriers to services trade and cross-border investment in Asia may be inhibiting Australian firms and investors from growing their connections with the region. Continue reading “Financial Integration in the Asia Pacific: Fact and Fiction”

Consulting Service to SIV industry

SIV logoHave you received enquiries for the Significant Investor Visa program from valued connections?  Would you like the capability to deal with Chinese clients but are unsure what is required?

Download our SIV Consulting Service flyer here. 

Moving to Australia

For anyone considering moving to another country, either now or in the future, there are many lifestyle and financial issues to consider. For financial planners, fund managers and other professionals considering working with Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applicants, it’s not just about a $5,000,000 investment, they need to integrate with other professionals starting with migration.

A registered migration agent or lawyer can determine the most appropriate business, innovation or investment visa pathway for the family’s circumstances and future needs. The SIV/888 visa is just one option.  Continue reading Consulting Service to SIV industry