Expats former homes to be fully taxable

Proposed legislation designed to deter foreign investors from investing in Australian homes will also impact Aussies currently working overseas. 

Australia has experienced a boom property prices, much of which is being blamed on the increase in the number of foreign investors.

The government has been introducing a range of measures to make investment by foreigners more expensive. The latest change is removal of the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exception completely.

Already, since 2012 foreigners investors have not received the 50% CGT exemption, but assuming the legislation is passed, even Australians who have lived in their home prior to moving overseas will be fully taxed.

The only way to avoid the tax is to move back into the home prior to sale, or sell during the transitional period prior to 30 June 2019. The move will also impact on death so there will be Estate Planning consideration.

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Will the National government losing power in New Zealand impact the Investor Migration program?

New Zealand, like Australia, has grown their population through migration with the objective to adding to economic prosperity. In New Zealand’s case, this population growth has put increased pressure on infrastructure which has struggled to keep up.

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Buying property in Australia – what overseas investors need to know

Australia is an attractive market for foreign investors, particularly when in comes to owning property including land. However, with escalating property prices in Sydney and Melbourne, the Australian and State Governments have made it more restrictive for foreign residents to purchase residential property in Australia. 

In this article, Ben Weeding from Buyside buyers agency outlines what investors can currently do when it comes to purchasing properties in Australia. Continue reading Buying property in Australia – what overseas investors need to know

Disruption to offshore lending: BasisPoint conference – Thursday 22nd September

Basispoint_property financing

Drying up of bank lending for overseas investors has seen the market respond with the development of innovative financing solutions. 

The BasisPoint inaugural conference on non-bank financing will establish an industry-wide network to discuss the financing problems faced by developers, property marketers and agents in managing settlement pipelines.

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Speakers include a representative from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), a guest lawyer from Beijing and a range of leading advisors on how investors can enhance their returns from private lending and what developers need to do to best position their projects for this new source of funding.

Deal Matching

In addition to the afternoon conference and networking drinks, the event will also feature a deal matching* process for introducing developers with projects to fund to non-bank groups with money to lend.

If you are interested in participating in the deal matching contact BasisPoint General Manager, CT Johnson on

Event Details
Date:      Thursday 22nd September 2016
Time:      1.50 pm to 7.30 pm
Venue:   Grand Ballroom, Westin Hotel, Sydney

Cost:       $600 plus GST or $450 before 8th September

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About Basis Point

Basispoint-david chinBasis Point, founded by David Chin, provides business intelligence and networking opportunities for participants in the investment & financial markets in Australia & Asia, through a combination of bespoke intelligence reports, directories and targeted networking events

With China’s disruption’ as a major supplier of capital in global markets, and as a major trading partner with Australia, the three areas of focus are:

  • Significant Investor Visa (SIV) investments and China’s HNW private investments in Australia
  • The growing Australia-China property, agri and tourism development opportunities
  • Funds and private capital sources including hedge funds, SMSFs, boutique funds, VC funds, proprietary trading /derivatives and Family Offices, especially with an Australia-China and Australia-Asia connections.

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*Note participation in the matching process is free for qualified lenders, while borrowers will be charged a fee for any monies lent or invested into their projects.