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How to Maximise Offshore Assignments

cover-how-to-maximise-offshore-assignmentsFinancial Strategies for Australian Expatriates

This white paper has been prepared in conjunction with specialist tax advisers for internationally mobile executives.

The objective is to provide a broad understanding of the impact of different jurisdictions on personal wealth including the family home, investment and retirement funds.

With increased savings ability and smart strategies, expats who have access to the right advice will be able to make the most financially of their offshore assignments.

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“Financial Integration in the Asia Pacific: Fact and Fiction”

Reserach- australian financial servicees

Australia’s financial connectedness with the Asia-Pacific region lags its deepening economic, diplomatic and cultural ties, according to a landmark new report by the Australian Centre for Financial Studies.

Financial services are the largest single industrial segment of the Australian economy. The export of financial services is larger than tourism and education. However, high barriers to services trade and cross-border investment in Asia may be inhibiting Australian firms and investors from growing their connections with the region. Continue reading “Financial Integration in the Asia Pacific: Fact and Fiction”