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Expats former homes to be fully taxable

Proposed legislation designed to deter foreign investors from investing in Australian homes will also impact Aussies currently working overseas. 

Australia has experienced a boom property prices, much of which is being blamed on the increase in the number of foreign investors.

The government has been introducing a range of measures to make investment by foreigners more expensive. The latest change is removal of the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exception completely. Continue reading Expats former homes to be fully taxable

How to Maximise Offshore Assignments

cover-how-to-maximise-offshore-assignmentsFinancial Strategies for Australian Expatriates

This white paper has been prepared in conjunction with specialist tax advisers for internationally mobile executives.

The objective is to provide a broad understanding of the impact of different jurisdictions on personal wealth including the family home, investment and retirement funds.

With increased savings ability and smart strategies, expats who have access to the right advice will be able to make the most financially of their offshore assignments.

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Expat Seminar in Macau: Property trends and planning for return – 4.30 pm Wednesday 20th January, 2016

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There are many expatriates living in Macau, not just from Australia but other jurisdictions including Germany, the US, New Zealand and South Africa.

Many of the major issues facing  expatriates and their families are already well known, however this seminar will provide some practical tips and strategies for anyone looking to make the most of their offshore assignment and for planning return. Continue reading Expat Seminar in Macau: Property trends and planning for return – 4.30 pm Wednesday 20th January, 2016

Property Trends from BuySide

I recently attended a session at the invitation of Ben Weeding, a property buyers agent specialising in assisting expats build investment property portfolios in Australia. You can view the presentation here.

Some of the key points included:

  • House prices – up in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but declined in Darwin and Perth
  • Unit prices – up in Sydney and Adelaide, but oversupply in Melbourne
Recent Trends
  • Mining downturn – with a 76% drop in the iron ore price
  • Low interest rates – record low of 2% has stimulated the economy to encourage buyers
  • Low savings rates – lowest since 2008
  • Increasing construction– in most states except Sydney
  • The APRA impact – has resulted in requirements for higher deposits and buffers for investment loans
Future influences
  • Impact of China – our biggest trading partner, rising middle class and interest in prestige homes
  • Search for yield – APRA impact
  • Jobs growth – where will it come from ?

For more information contact Expat Advisors Community member Ben Weeding.


Eyes on China – future of Global Mobility in China


China Global Mobility report provides detailed research on employee relocation into, out of and within China by both China and non-China based companies.

China has gone from a low-cost producer of goods to an equal player in technology, strategy and development in the last decade. The rise of China as a partner in the global economy has created new opportunities for multinational companies and the internal population. Continue reading Eyes on China – future of Global Mobility in China