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Will the changes to the 457 Visa stream impact on SIV?

A major overhaul of the Employer Sponsored visa known as the 457 was announced by the Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday afternoon on Facebook. 
What is the 457 program and what changes have been announced?

The 457 Visa pathway is designed to attract foreign workers to Australia to fill local skills shortages. The four-year Employer Sponsored visa also enables workers to apply for permanent residency in Australia. Continue reading Will the changes to the 457 Visa stream impact on SIV?

1,746 SIV Applications granted, including 136 under SIV2

Whilst there was concern that the rate of applications was slowing down with the changes in the complying investment regime from 1 July 2015, there is still strong interest in Australia’s Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Business and Innovation Visa program.

In the first year, as migration agents and potential applicants got used to the new investment regime, there were only 24 visas granted.  However in the eight months to 28 February 2017 there have been a further 112 visas approved taking the total number of SIV2’s to 136.

This means there will be $68M invested during the 12 months following into venture capital and growth private equity in Australia, plus $204M into Australian small company shares and $408M in managed funds investing in corporate bonds, commercial property and shares.

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the total number of SIV’s granted since the commencement of the program on 24 November 2012 is currently 1,746. Two-thirds of the SIV2 applicants have accepted nominations to live in Victoria, a few to WA and the rest to NSW.

We are now starting to see those early applicants hit the 4-year minimum term and converting their temporary visa to permanent residency. Applicants will start to move themselves and their families to Australia and be looking out for additional investment opportunities in businesses, agriculture, education and other services to leverage their networks in China.

For Australian advisory and services professionals with cross-jurisdictional expertise, there will be ongoing opportunities to serve these wealthy migrants.

Those interested in working with HNW Chinese and their families can’t afford to miss the upcoming BasisPoint event on  SIV – Chinese investment and integration in Sydney on Wednesday 3rd May – details here. 

Stacey Martin is an SIV Consultant and Founder of the Expat Advisors Community professional network. With an extensive career in financial services and private wealth management, Stacey assists SIV applicants to navigate the process with the right service from the right professional at the right time. She is the author of “Smooth Road to Travel – China to Australia” which can be downloaded here.

Chinese migration, investment and integration – 3 May event

Chinese integration and investment in Australia is the focus of the next BasisPoint Significant Investor Visa (SIV) event. It provides a leadership platform for the Chinese-Australian sector to discuss Chinese investments and integration in Australia.

Guest speakers will share insights on:

  • The impact of recent Chinese SIV, high-net-worth and business migrants on investment and consumption in Australia
  • How future generations of Chinese-Australians will evolve and participate in Australian society
  • Assimilation within Australia as Australia engages further with Asia
  • Lessons for recent Chinese migrants from European migrant success stories.

Date: Wednesday 3 May 2107

Time: 12 pm to 2.45 pm including networking time

Venue: Doltone House, 161 Elizabeth St, Hyde Park, Sydney

RSVP: BasisPoint here

Cost: $180 per head (discount code “vipstacey8”)

For sponsor tables contact me on 0413 127 677 or for details.

Concierge service for SIV Applicants

Are you considering moving to Australia and would like information on the various options? Are you unfamiliar with Australia’s financial and migration services and not sure who to trust?

Australia is a top destination for migration with a secure financial environment, clean air and an enviable lifestyle. There are a range of business, employment and investment visa options to suit personal circumstances, business objectives and future plans.

One option is the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) which has relaxed language, age and other criteria. It requires applicants to invest $5M into a portfolio of  complying investments for four years.


SIV Consulting Service

For those migrating from China, which has a very different legal and financial system, the prospect of navigating Australia’s highly regulated financial environment can be daunting.

Stacey Martin, SIV Consultant and founder of the Expat Advisors Community network for professionals with internationally connected clients, can assist by connecting a range of suitably qualified professionals to meet the needs of VIP’s and their families.


The author of “Smooth Road to Travel – China to Australia,” a guide to navigating the Australian financial and migration landscape, Stacey can assist SIV Applicants with a co­ordinated service to help make the journey as smooth as possible.

This includes:

  • Banking – account opening and arranging identification requirements
  • Migration – introduction to registered agents or lawyers to manage the immigration application process
  • Complying investments – introduction to specialist advisors and fund managers
  • Language – interpretation and translation services
  • Accounting and tax – introduction to cross-border experts
  • Legal services – for business, property, and asset succession
  • Schools – assistance to select appropriate education providers
  • Property – specialists in residential, commercial and agriculture
  • Lifestyle – travel and concierge services.

Download the dual language flyer SIV Consulting Service. 

Get in Contact

Working with one of Australia’s most respected SIV experts will provide those considering investment migration with peace of mind they are engaging with qualified professionals to maximise the opportunity of a successful outcome.

For more information on the range of professional services through Expat Advisors Community including the SIV Consulting Service, you can Contact Us,  or call  Stacey Martin on +61 (0) 413 12 7677 or WeChat staceym97.


Significant Investor Visa (SIV) stats to 31 July, 2016

australia-passport_mapThe change in complying investments to the  mandated $500,000 Venture Capital (VC) and $1.5M allocation to small company shares had initially slowed the rate of applications under the new Significant Investor Visa regime. However, there are currently almost 200 invitations still being processed which alone would result in almost $100M into the VC sector and $900M into other complying managed funds.

Continue reading Significant Investor Visa (SIV) stats to 31 July, 2016