Project Summary

Chinese Feature Films

$1.2M – Funding for script development and production plan (1.5 times on sale of script plus royalties) – download flyer here 

Almond Farm

$30M – For each land purchase plus operations (min 5-year term for average IIR of 10%) – download flyer here

Private Members Business and Jazz Club

$3M – Fit-out and operational set-up (return of capital over 3 years plus 20% equity) – download flyer here

Commercial Property in Darwin 

$60M – fund acquisition with government tenant – download flyer here

Truffle Farm in Western Australia

$3M – funding sought from distribution partner in China – download flyer here.

Manuka Honey

$1M – sought for expansion – download flyer here

Baby Skin Care Range

Strategic partner for market entry and distribution – Contact Us

Other Projects

Range from agriculture (beef, dairy) and property (aparthotel in Melbourne, residential/commercial and tourism development in Queensland) to retirement living and financial services.

Contact Us if you have any interest in receiving an introduction to these or other opportunities in Australia.

Disclaimer: These summaries do not constitute financial product advice as defined in the Corporations Act. Those seeking to invest should refer to the relevant offer document or investment memorandum for a clear explanation of the risks of investing in any project. Those considering investment should seek their own investment, tax and legal advice.