1. Dates: 13th – 18th January 2019.
  2. Delegation itinerary: The operators reserve the right to change the form and content of the program at any time without notice.
  3. Delegate Fee: You agree to prepay the fee for attending the program. It is understood that this fee does NOT include travel costs.
  4. Travel Costs: You agree to organise and pay for you own airfares, hotels and other accommodation, some meals (other than those shown on the itinerary), and personal expenses including but not limited to shopping, sightseeing, hotel extras and/or other entertainment costs.
  5. Insurance: You agree that you are responsible for investigating, organising and paying for personal travel insurance cover appropriate to your needs and circumstances.
  6. Entry Visa: You will take responsibility for ensuring you have the appropriate documentation for the day trip to Shenzhen, China.
  7. Attendance and Participation: During the course of the Delegation Program, it may be necessary for the Delegation Leader(s) to give you instructions to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all delegates and you agree to follow these instructions at all times. You agree to attend all aspects of the Delegation Itinerary, to arrive on time for each, to dress appropriately (as advised by us) and conduct yourself in a fit and proper manner.
  8. Non-solicitation: We have an established network of professional contacts and associates to whom you will be introduced during the delegation. You acknowledge that this network is the intellectual property of Expat Advisors Community. You agree that if you wish to make contact with any individual you are introduced to during the delegation other than other delegates and those you meet at the Asian Financial Forum, you will advise us in advance.
  9. Personal safety: You agree that we cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or illness to you, or theft or the loss of your personal effects while on the delegation. You agree to take every precaution necessary to ensure your personal safety and that of your personal effects at all times.
  10. Waiver of Rights: We may obtain video, photo and/or sound recordings of you participating in the delegation. You agree that we may use these at our sole discretion.
  11. Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to cancel the delegation prior to departure as a result of unforeseen circumstances or to ensure the personal safety of all participants. In this event, you will receive a full refund of all monies already paid. You agree that if, for any reason, you cancel your participation in the delegation you will email your notice of cancellation to us at our email address (stacey.martin@expatadvisorscommunity.com.au). You further agree that you will not be entitled to any refund of the Delegate Program fee which will have already been committed to bookings and activities. We will consider a request to transfer your registration to another person but retain the right to accept or refuse this request at our sole discretion.