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ACBC CEO Natalie Cope | Researching and respecting Chinese culture vital to success

Voted Australia’s Top Emerging Leader in 2015, Natalie Cope has had a long infatuation with China after a gap-year trip to the country as an 18-year-old. She had her appendix removed on that journey, now joking that a part of her has never left China.

As CEO of Australia China Business Council (NSW), Cope is focused on nurturing international business dealings between Australia and China.

“As an organisation, we are here to promote trade, investment, and economic cooperation,” she told Aus-Asia Business Program host Stacey Martin.

Cope says that the ACBC is “for the members and driven by the members”, providing four main avenues of expertise to its community.

The first is a flooding of insight. With a diverse fraternity, members are able to absorb knowledge and an understanding of China, better preparing them to succeed overseas.

To prosper in China, says Cope, the right partners are needed. The ACBC helps source the right people to set members up for lasting success.

A wealth of high ranking connections are also provided. Members are able to reach Government officials and influencers quickly to assist them with any issues.

Lastly, the ACBC identifies any potential barriers in Australia-China business dealings, providing them with answers, information and driving change through policy updates.

Cope gave a few big tips for anyone looking to expand their business relations into China.

“Researching and respecting local [Chinese] culture is vital,” she said, adding, “Expect [success] to take longer than you think.”

She left listeners with one final slice of advice.

“China is hard … if you don’t love China, then you need to learn to.”