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Farms and Finance founder Adam Goern | Connecting culturally different people for one common goal

Adam’s part starts at 10:40

Having lived and immersed himself in cultures all around the world, Adam Goern is well versed to facilitate international relationships and networks.

With his website Farms and Finance, a business connection media service likened to LinkedIn and dating sites, Goern is focused on helping like-minded people from different cultures in the agricultural sector join forces to connect capital with capabilities and achieve a common goal.

Goern says that the premise behind the idea is simple, describing it as “introducing mates to mates”. Users can put up a story that introduces their life, history, targets and capabilities. Anyone interested can engage and easily exchange contact information to self-negotiate partnerships or via their Relationship Manager.

“There’s a little expression that kind of came out of [the service]: ‘In a way, Tasmanian farmers are from Venus and Beijing business people are from Mars’”, he said.

“And we’re trying to help them meet online so that they can figure out who they like and feel culturally comfortable to work with. Let the entrepreneurs connect and then they’ll come back to us and say, ‘Okay, this is what we’d like to do; how can you help us commercially achieve our mutual dream and vision?’”

For small business owners, Goern says that finding a culturally compatible business partner is extremely important for success.

“We believe that people who get along are more likely to succeed in business … especially for a SME business owner who built that business from blood, sweat and tears, it really matters about who their partner is.

“If you find the wrong one it can really derail your entire life and career, and if you find the right one you’ve got a whole new realm in life to work with.”

While labelling working in the agricultural sector or what he calls The New Milk Road as a challenge, Goern says that “it feels very meaningful which makes it enjoyable”.