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Mixing cultures: How commodity investment guru Annie Guo found success retailing all-Australian food products in China | Aus-Asia Business Program

It’s no surprise to see Annie Guo dominating in the business world; she’s always been fiercely independent.

Born in Northern China before relocating to Australia when her family pursued a business opportunity, Guo was faced with a big decision at the age of 17 when her parents’ Visas expired: go back home or stay Down Under alone.

She chose the latter, a judgement that would pay off in her future career. After graduating from university, Guo became involved in the mining sector under her father’s advice and carved a successful career at PwC Australia. She is also still the Managing Director of gold exploration and development company Columbus Minerals.

While being comfortable in the commodity industry, Guo decided to follow a passion and diversify her business wings. Harbouring an interest in the agricultural industry, she opened an Australian food retail chain in China, naming it Aurigin Foods (meshed from Australian Original). The store houses all-Australian products.

Despite the trend of operating retail businesses online, Guo took the bricks-and-mortar approach. It worked, with the initial response being extremely positive. Aurigin Foods has already opened 10 stores across China, with Guo detailing a plan to roll out a further 40.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The need to acquire a reliable supplier for your product before heading into the Asian market;
  • Why you need to have a thorough understanding of CRQ procedures that need to be abided by prior to selling in China;
  • How to source a quality distribution channel;
  • Australia’s reputation in Asia as a premier agriculture provider;
  • The keys behind successful commodity investing; and
  • Why you need a have a sixth sense of when to move on to other business opportunities.