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Top international trade tips from Austrade CEO Stephanie Fahey | Aus-Asia Business Program

Dr Stephanie Fahey’s exceptional career has been borne out of a self-described natural curiosity.

Fahey’s inquisitive temperament has seen her jump at new opportunities whenever presented. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and a PhD, has worked extensively as a leading academic and an executive and is now the first female chief executive of Austrade.

She brings a distinctly international viewpoint to her role at Austrade, having previously served on boards for the Australia China Business Council, the Australia China Council, the European Australian Business Council, Foreign Affairs Council and the Australia Korean Foundation.

With 4 out of 5 Australians working in the services industry, Fahey understands the importance that Austrade plays in assisting and promoting that sector. She is passionate about development in the Asia-Pacific region and helping the Australian services sector blossom.

In her chat with Stacey Martin on the Aus-Asia Business Program, Fahey went into detail about the intricacies of her job, why she has always remained open to venturing into different career avenues and why business missions are a fantastic starting point for SMEs keen on breaking into foreign markets.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s necessary for Australia to utilise foreign investors in the building of infrastructure;
  • How to think global to achieve a doubled growth rate and higher salary potential;
  • The importance of learning to collaborate and seek advice constantly;
  • Why you need to ensure your business is scalable rather than domestically safe;
  • Why you should seriously consider undertaking a business mission to a foreign country for a head-start on the competition; and
  • The critical importance that the services sector holds on the Australian economy.

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