David Garde, Tax Lawyer- The Tax Objection

Contact details:David Garde


Phone: +61 414  571 063

Email: david@thetaxobjection.com
Website: thetaxobjection.com
Twitter: @TheTaxObjection

What do you do?

David Garde is an experienced and accredited specialist taxation lawyer based in Sydney.

Why international?

David aids clients with cross-border ventures and interests including optimisation and integration of various Australian and foreign cross-border business and investment activities including those involving resident and non-resident trusts.

Evaluating commercial, reputational and legal risks of international activity in the Australian tax and regulatory environment, David also follows the dynamic developments in international tax world which you can follow on twitter.

Who do you help?

David advises clients, and works with their onshore and offshore professional and financial advisors to provide a complementary service and, where necessary, Australian regulators.

His firm TheTaxObjection is focused on assisting clients and their accountants with disputes with Australian and state commissioners of taxation.