David Thomas, CEO, Think Global Consulting

David Thomas HIGH RESContact details

T: 02 9267 1488
M: 0413 942 186
W: www.bricandchina.com

What we do

Think Global Consulting facilitates business and investment between Asia and Australia. We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, companies and institutions to build viable, sustainable and powerful connections by leveraging our networks and relationships in both developed and emerging markets. We have proven capability in providing unique access to senior decision-makers in Government and Industry across the Asia Pacific region.

Our clients engage us for strategic advice on market entry and business development, and we successfully manage investments sourced from Asia into a wide range of attractive sectors, including Agriculture, Resources, Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Renewable Energy, Technology, Property Development and Financial Services.

Why international?

BRIC Expert, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Thought Leader, David Thomas is well known in the Asia Pacific region for his experience, credibility and passion for identifying, building and facilitating business and investment relationships between developed and emerging countries. His unique experience and powerful networks have accumulated over a 30 year career in London, Hong Kong and Sydney. As well as working with companies within many industry sectors (e.g. retail, professional services, manufacturing, food, tourism, education, publishing, design and technology) David continues to support financial services companies seeking to expand their global footprint, leveraging business and investment networks throughout the region, leading an annual mission in January to the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong.

Who we help

We work with individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, institutions and government bodies across all industry sectors to build sustainable connections across the Asia Pacific region.