Stella Li, Founder, Silk Road Consulting

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What we do

Silk Road Consulting assists Australian SME’s to access the Chinese market and facilitates Chinese companies seeking strategic partners, as well as high net worth individuals seeing investment opportunities in Australia.

With business experience working in both China and Australia, founder Stella Li helps companies by undertaking market research to refine their strategy and access specialised market channels to help and facilitate successful business partnerships.

Using on-line channels including WeChat, Silk Road Consulting is able to communicate directly with a strong network of Chinese investors.

Why international?

Growing up in Hunan Province China, and embarking on a career as a respected business journalist, Stella has a strong understanding of the Chinese market business environment.

Moving to Australia in 2010 and integrating into the local community, Stella combines her passion for deep learning and building relationships to provide a unique context for building a bridge for Australia – China business opportunities.

Who we help?

With an extensive network of business connections, strong reputation, and access to various government entities, Silk Road Consulting is well placed to assist:

  • Australian SMEs looking to China as part of their growth strategy
  • Chinese companies looking to Australian for joint venture and strategic partners
  • Chinese high net worth individuals seeking investment opportunities in Australia.

Silk Road Consulting works together with their clients, step-by-step, to assist in achieving their business goals and objectives.