Victoria Xia, Business Development Manager, National Australia Bank

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Ph: +61 (0) 467 807 339

What we do

We provide concierge banking services to clients who are looking to  move to Australia in next 12 months. From setting up personal bank accounts, to finding the most suitable relationship or wealth managers to meet personal, business or investment needs in Australia. Our centralised services  assist in making the transition to Australia an easy and pleasant experience.

Why international?

Migrant banking consists of a specialised team within the NAB Group that understands the life cycle of migration. Based on initial and future needs, we are able to arrange the  most suitable private, personal or business banking relationship manager to suit your future needs.

NAB’s global footprint across the UK, US and Asia, means we can start looking after you up to 12 months before you come to Australia.

Who we help

All migrants who plan to move to Australia in 12 months, or those newly arrived can benefit from having access to a migrant banking professional to help make the transition as smooth as possible.