Leading in the Asian Century: A National Scorecard of Australia’s Workforce Asia Capability


For Australian businesses, one of the biggest impediments to realising business and investment opportunities in the Asian region is a lack of understanding about Asia capabilities – in particular which capabilities are critical to business success and how prevalent they are in the workforce. In ground breaking research, DCA has generated the first ever National Scorecard of Australia’s Workforce Asia Capability.

‘Asia capability’ (AQ) is defined as individuals’ ability to interact effectively in Asian countries and cultures, and with people from Asian cultural backgrounds, to achieve work goals. Australian organisations can improve their Asia capability in the short term by focusing on existing Asian-identifying talent, as well as better recognising and rewarding workers who have lived and worked in Asia, and those who have Asian language proficiency.

Managing director of Beasley Intercultural, Tamerlaine Beasley, and CEO of the Diversity Council of Australia, Lisa Annese talk to Peter Switzer in this 10 minute video about the report and diversity in the workplace here.

The Synopsis Report can be downloaded here and take the test to find out your Asia Capability at http://dca.org.au/whatsyouraq.