Generosity Advisor Profile: NAB’s Stacey Martin

by Sam Gibbs | Generosity

A flare of colour on the financial and philanthropic landscape, you can’t miss Stacey Martin. And you’re missing out if you do.


Stacey Martin – CFP Dip FP, NAB Private Wealth senior advisor, philanthropy expert, mentor, public speaker, Thought Leader, Women in Finance pioneer, and LinkedIn networking ninja – should have been a flautist.

Once a Grade Seven musician (“which is quite high”), her 18-year-old heart had been set on the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra when she missed out on a place at the Conservatorium.

“I’d never considered doing anything but music,” says the now 49-year-old. “We didn’t have career counseling in those days, so I just got a local job and ended up in financial services.”

A Young Liberal (“for the boys and the parties”), Martin was always looking to meet new people, despite being “incredibly shy” and having to force herself to stand up and speak.

When the Foreign Exchange dealer at her first merchant bank stepped aside, she put her hand up for the role, and Martin soon found herself in Sydney, working and “hanging out” with other dealers.

It was the eighties. The Australian dollar had just floated. She was “the kid” – a lone woman amid hundreds of men at foreign exchange events. “So I bought a red suit,” she laughs. “With shoulder pads.”

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