The benefits of Chinese Investment in Australia

Partners in prosperity: The benefits of Chinese investment in Australia

– a report by Deloitte Access Economics for the Australia China Business Council and sponsored by ANZ

Chinese foreign investment can play a very positive role in ensuring Australia’s ongoing economic security and prosperity. Australia rode on the sheep’s back for most of the 19th Century, and today Australia stands to benefit from Asia’s increasing demand for high-quality food products.

The composition of our agriculture exports has changed with focus on high protein products such as beef which is now Australia’s largest agri export at $13 billion in 2015.

However, many agribusinesses will need additional capital to increase scale, productivity and expand production. The vast majority of Australian farm businesses and land are fully Australian owned, higher than any other industry.

Not only does foreign investment provide a much needed source of capital, Chinese investors with existing business relationships, understanding of the culture and regulatory environment can provide significant benefits to agribusinesses seeking to export more products to China.

To read the report in full including opportunities in health products and tourism assets as well as case studies you can download the report here.