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Is your LinkedIn profile attracting the right connections?

Is your LinkedIn profile attracting the right connections?  Stacey chats to Jillian Bullock a LinkedIn Ninja about how LinkedIn is a powerful business tool, the power of hashtags, and how you can make sure your LinkedIn profile is attracting the right business connections.

From an early age, Jillian Bullock had an eye for marketing, from identifying opportunities in the family business to working with SME’s. Her preferred platform was LinkedIn an spent a year researching and become an accredited LinkedIn Ninja, one of only 11 globally. Whilst LinkedIn was originally developed as a recruitment tool, today it is also a powerful selling platform for professionals and businesses to connect. Jillian also shares the incredible story of how a hashtag started a global movement called #LinkedInLocal.

In this week’s podcast you will learn about:

  • Jillian’s marketing and your career journey
  • Social media is not just social anymore, it’s a powerful business tool
  • LinkedIn Ninja
  • How can you make sure your LinkedIn profile is compelling for attracting the right business connections
  • LinkedIn Local
  • The power of hashtags
  • Sales Navigator
  • Markteting campaing that helped Jillian win Social Media Marketing Award
  • What to you see in terms of development of LinkedIn both locally and globally?

Jillian’s top 3 tips:

  1. Engage with people on the platform, rather than content blasts
  2. If you’ve identified a key market – write them down and engage with their content
  3. Loan wolves do not work on LinkedIn

Learn more about Jillian Bullock, LinkedIn Ninja:

Jillian Bullock has worked in marketing and social media management for almost 20 years. Through this experience Jillian identified LinkedIn as effective and profitable business tool, particularly for service-based B2B clients to showcase expertise within a niche.

As Australia’s only accredited LinkedIn Ninja, Jillian and her team of Ninjas show businesses how to make LinkedIn work hard for them, running in-house training and consulting programs throughout Australia.