Significant Investor Visa – don’t get caught with unscrupulous operators!

Australia is an attractive destination for migration with a secure financial environment, clean air and an enviable lifestyle. The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) program, which does not require applicants to speak English, has attracted a lot of interest from wealthy individuals and families particularly from China.

Most potential migrants are unfamiliar with Australia’s highly regulated financial and legal systems. With the power of guanxi, many prefer to trust those they know who many not have the necessary skills than to seek out experts they don’t yet know.

This SIV educational booklet “Smooth Road to Travel – China to Australia” provides an overview of the Australian financial and migration landscape. From determining the appropriate visa pathway to financial issues and lifestyle aspects the booklet provides relevant information to ensure those considering moving to Australia get the right advice, at the right time, from appropriately qualified professionals.

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Our SIV booklet has been compiled by a range of Australian experts including industry body Migration Alliance, leading bankers, financial advisors, tax, legal, investment and other specialists working with international clients.

Smooth road travel to China


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