SMEXIT – NAB SIV and Asia banking team farewell speech by Prini Archarrie

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.  My name is Prini Acharrie, and I’m here at the request of the lady of the hour, Stacey Martin, to share with you all my journey with her.

Whenever you have a farewell party, there are bound to be moments of reflection seasoned with a few laughs, and also tears as you remember the person you are farewelling. Those asked to provide a few words usually try to be witty and link it to current world events. So here is my attempt at that!

This time last Friday the world was in shock about Britain choosing to exit the EU.  Media commentary and economic analysis in unison felt that the world was witnessing Britain making a decision to depart from a relationship that amounted to an act of self-destruction!

What were they thinking……… most of us thought?

Who would willingly choose to depart from one of the most coveted trade and geographical networks in the world, being the EU to go it alone!  I mean here in Australia we were ecstatic that we could participate in Eurovision – about as good as it gets for us!

I bring this up because I am here today, not to feel sad that Stacey has called time and chosen to leave NAB.  Unlike last Friday, I believe the exiting party has made the right decision!

Please don’t misunderstand me, I genuinely and sincerely enjoyed the vast majority of my time at NAB, as I’m sure Stacey did, which is why we both stayed for such a long time.  Indeed NAB facilitated Stacey and I meeting  when we both worked in Private Wealth. Whilst we didn’t necessarily click instantly, Stacey’s passion for the Significant Investor Visa migration space, and the concierge proposition I was building, brought us together and made me take notice of her.

Willingly or not, I spent many hours with Stacey in the trenches. As a key member of the team, Stacey helped build out NAB’s SIV proposition to the market.  From my observations, I knew Stacey was too much of a free spirit to operate within the bureaucracy of a large corporate. Even though you are encouraged to spread your wings and bring big ideas, the reality of layers of reporting lines and the conservative nature of banks, would never truly allow butterflies like Stacey to fly!

So instead of flying, Stacey strutted like a peacock, and still managed to get things done, albeit a painfully laborious process at times. So now, unshackled, unbridled and free, Stacey can finally be that butterfly that she was always destined to be!

No longer is it necessary to seek permission to host networking events, or to jump on a plane to Hong Kong as a part of a delegation……she can now loudly shout and sing ‘My Sharona’ in a cab at the top of her voice if she wants to (another story for another time).

Stacey is now free to just be Stacey in her unadulterated, undistilled, purest, natural state. For those of us who truly know her, we know that version of Stacey is the best version of herself.

So to wrap up…..last week I was in disappointed and in shock about BREXIT…..but this week, I am happy about Stacey Martin’s exit…..or SMEXIT!

Prini Archarrie was NAB’s Global Head of Migrant Banking and chaired the Significant Investor Visa steering committee before handing over to Stacey. 

Archery_logoPrini is now Senior Partner at Archery Capital which  provides a wide range of strategies to assist SMEs manage their businesses efficiently with specialist expertise in short-term lending solutions.