Alibaba has just opened an office in Australia – good news for SMEs

alipay_scanThe Australia Week in China (AWIC) delegates that visited Alibaba’s head office in Hangzhou in April 2016 saw the announcement of an office being set up in Australia.  Global President Michael Evans and the local team including James Hudson, previous NSW CEO for Australia China Business Council, have just completed a roadshow.

Alibaba Group is a whole ecosystem for e-commerce for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). It is an integral part of China’s very complex internet systems, and is like google, facebook and amazon all rolled into one! The company was started by Jack Ma just 17 years ago in his apartment with eight others and he is now the second richest man in China.


  • – is a B2B trading website.  Other platforms in the ecosystem include Taobao which is C2C e-commerce and TMall  which is B2C on-line retailing. There are currently 1,300 Australian businesses using TMall, the majority for the first time.
  • Ali Cloud Computing – directed at the SME market, it is the world’s third largest hosting company.  Ant Financial is the financial ecosystem, and Alibaba has formed strategic partners across multiple industries in China and overseas.
  • Ant Financial – in 2014, Alibaba established its finance affiliate Ant Financial to consolidate its various financial service activities under one roof. They now run AliPay and other services, such as the market fund Yue Bao, online credit scoring service Sesame Credit, internet-only bank MYBank, third-party financial service platform Zhao Cai Bao and micro-loan provider Ant Micro. They are also looking to disrupt personal and corporate banking and financial services in China.
  • AliPay – more than just a payment gateway, AliPay is the centre of Alibaba’s Internet finance ecosystem and has grown from being just a payment system into a one-stop portal for payment solutions. It has over 350 million registered users and processes more than 80 million transactions per day.
Start you day with AliPay

The user experience on Alipay’s mobile app is designed based on actual usage scenarios. For example, users can transfer money to other AliPay members and share or split bills among them using QR codes. AliPay can be used to pay utility bills, top up mobile phone credits, buy train tickets or check the balance of a connected bank account.

Check out this short video of AliPay, considered the global lifestyle super App here. 

How can you become part of the Alibaba ecosystem?

AliPay has partnered with many small businesses to allow its users to make payments on many Chinese websites and at an increasing number of offline shops. AliPay is a fully integrated and user-centric solution that covers a great variety of payment needs in people’s daily life. It is used by many of the 1.1 million annual Chinese visitors to Australia and there is also a choice of currency for payment.

E-commerce is very much about two-way trade. Alibaba is interested in supporting corporates and SMEs with the implementation of their e-commerce strategies. They partner with a range of specialist third parties to assist clients to become e-commerce ready.

Alibaba’s Internet finance ecosystem is well-aligned with the group’s overall mission of supporting small and medium-sized businesses in their efforts of globalisation, cross-border e-commerce and market penetration in rural China.

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