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If you are an expat, employer or advisor to expats, please complete our survey to share your insights here.

Personal wealth management is a relatively new industry across the globe. As with many professions, knowledge and qualifications are country specific. Many executives transferred overseas are not sure if they should be making any changes to their personal financial arrangements.

Taking up an offshore posting can be an exciting time – a new country, career opportunities and lifestyle experiences for the family. With an extensive list of things to do before departure, often this leaves little time for forward planning.

Many assume with a boost in remuneration and other benefits, surplus cash should be directed to the home mortgage. However, by undertaking strategies that ensure assignee’s make the most of potential tax breaks when renting out their home, whilst building a personal investment portfolio subject to much lower rates of Australian Withholding Tax (WHT), there can be quite a difference.

Stacey Martin of NAB Private Wealth, in conjunction with The Employee Mobility Institute (TEMI) are conducting research to gain insights from a range of professionals involved with expats.

They are seeking input from global mobility professionals, to those that provide advice in various capacities including tax, wealth, legal, super and cultural training, and of course insights from globally mobile executives themselves in relation to their own experiences of financial services.

Now is a great time to continue to grow and evolve the range of services for globally mobile executives and their families, to attract and retain talent in this increasingly competitive world.

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