Attendee List for Celebrate with Stacey

Celebrate with Stacey at The Lane – Friday 1st July

First Name
Last Name
Alina Bain Australian Services Roundtable
Alison Wood Pitcher Partners
Allison Macfarlane Centura
Angelika Yates Addison Lawyers
Annie Southavong Commonwealth Bank
Anthony Hayes JB Were
Ben Weeding Buyside
Bobo Wang Morgan Stanley
Brooke Gladstonbury M&K Lawyers
Brooke McDonald  Private Investment Consulting
Bruce Stracey CEVU International
Camilla Phillips JB Were
Catherine Wong Doo JB Were
Cathy Ding Deloitte
Christopher Levingston Levingston & Associates
Christopher Eddy NAB Private
Cindy Xin Ausfeng
Claire Pisani Culture Confidence
Craig James BRI Ferrier
Craig West Succession Plus
Damian Crowley Pengana
David To NAB Private
David Cambridge Succession Plus
Diana Zhou NAB Private
Helen Yin National Australia Bank
Ian Hyman Hymans Valuers
Ineke Williams Seven Dots
Ivan Chait Santa Fe Immigration
Ivy Lai BWC Global
Jack Zhang NAB Private
Jane Jackson Career Management Coach
Jason Gough NAB Private
Jennifer Kay JB Were
Jennifer Yeo Mills Oakley
John Knox Huntley Group
Judy Hendricks Australia Asia Executive Center
Justin O’Brien Morgan Stanley
Katrina Schofield JB Were
Katya Dobinson Think Global
Kaye Houston World Vision
Lachlan Hay-Hendry Blue Sky Funds
Liana Allan Migration Alliance
Li-Jean Chew Addison Lawyers
Luca De Leonardis Invest Hong Kong
Ly Sisourath NAB Private
Maggie Liu Deloitte
Mariette Rups-Donnelly Powerhouse Presentations
Marwa Elgammal JB Were
Melissa Gilbert Diamond Financial
Michael Kelly Australia Post
Michael Vincent Succession Plus
Michael Karagianis  Private Investment Consulting
Natalia Moyano National Australia Bank
Noel Corley The Knack Consultancy
Noelene Dawes Emotional Resilience
Peter Black Alchemy Career Management
Prini Archarrie Archery Capital
Rama Wehbe NAB Private
Ray Evans Australian Business Forum
Rita Chowdhury Withers
Robin King M & K Lawyers
Robin Powis Defining Style
Sarah Hegarty BT Investment Management
Sarah Ross JB Were
Shannon Kong NAB Business
Sharon Knightley ASFA
Steve Newnham Oakham Grove Consulting
Suren Pather Sumo SIV
Susanne Bransgrove Families in Transition
Tara Ellett
Tim Hardy National Australia Bank
Tim Higgins JB Were
Trisha Carter Cultural Intelligence
Ursula Jeffery JB Were
Venn O’Neill Strategy One
Vicki Chronopoulos JB Were
Vincent Lim Sumo SIV
Zanna Bacalhau LinkedIn