Australian Businesses China ready for sale or expansion

Succession Plus

With increasing two way business and co-operation between China and Australia, many Chinese investors are actively looking to acquire or partner with Australian businesses in the supply change, particularly in Agriculture, food and dairy, and manufacturing.

Valued Expat Advisors Community member, Craig West of Succession Plus, works with Australian companies over an extended period to help them grow, expand and ultimately sell their businesses.

On a quarterly basis, Succession Plus provides a snapshot of China ready businesses in a dual language booklet. Some of the opportunities include:

• A food and dairy distribution business with exclusive supply contracts for fresh milk and distribution rights in China

• A rum based business looking for expansion capital, including the opportunity for exclusive product rights into China

• A niche electrical and data contractor with a focus on new hospitals and medical centres.

To view the investor ready profiles of a number of businesses check out the Investment Overview March 2015 booklet.

Craig West is also Chairman of the SME Association of Australia, author of Enjoy It on business succession and exit planning, and contributing author to Smooth Road to Travel – China to Australia.

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