Claire Pisani, Founder, Culture Confidence

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M: +61 415 788 686

What we do

Culture Confidence helps business people do business across diverse cultures. Mutual respect is the best starting point for any business relationship.  Demonstrating respect and understanding of another person’s background culture builds immediate rapport. Conversely, failure to show respect, failure to connect, will almost certainly prevent business collaboration.

Why international?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a key success factor in building business networks, maximizing sales and take up of leadership opportunities in the Australia – Asia – Pacific region. We also provide training to manage ethnic and cultural diversity in the workplace.

What motivates us is giving our clients a competitive advantage when doing business across cultures.  We differentiate ourselves by providing practical and targeted training – not just theoretical concepts.

Who we help

We provide a range for courses for business people who want to engage with China, as well as non-native Australians who want to improve their communication.

To find out more about courses for yourself or your team check out the Culture Confidence website here.