Consulting and Business Services – Fee Schedule

With an extensive financial services career, Stacey Martin from Strategic Connector Pty Ltd provides a range of business and consulting services leveraging knowledge and expertise from serving HNW clients across jurisdictions with a range of bespoke solutions.

These include business coaching and consulting services, from initial scoping and planning to strategy development and implementation. Services are provided via consulting and retainer fees and where applicable success basis tailored to meet the client’s individual needs and objectives.

Consulting and Coaching Fees
  • Per hour – $400*
  • Half-day – $1,100*
  • Full-day –  $1,850*
  • Coaching package of six sessions (90 mins) – $3,300*
Monthly Retainer Fees
  • 1 day per week – $6,500*
  • 2 days per week – $12,000*
  • Full-time projects by arrangement
Speaking Fees
  • MC up to half day – $2,500*
  • MC full day – $4,000*
  • Keynote – from $5,000*
  • Facilitation and other event participation fees by arrangement
Farms and Finance
  • From development of on-line story to promotion and facilitation – $500 to $2,000*
  • Marketing and Introduction fees
  • Access to a range of professional services tailored to clients needs

Download Farms and Finance Service Offering for details.

Significant Investor Visa Consulting
  • For SIV Applicants – Relationship Management retainer
  • For Financial Advisors – Consulting retainer
  • For fund Managers – Introduction fees

Subject to minimums per client case – contact us for details.

New Zealand Investor Visa 

  • For Applicants and Agents – Relationship Management fees
  • Partnership with Migration Alliance – contact us for details.
Expense Reimbursement

Includes but not limited to out-of-pocket expenses such as airfares, accommodation, coordination of other services and professionals, social media engagement and travel time.

Payment Terms

50% of initial engagement fee payable upfront and then via invoice within 7 days.

Bank Details

Strategic Connector Pty Ltd BSB: 083-088 A/C No: 29-884-2082

Company Details

Strategic Connector Pty Ltd ABN 24613812150, Level 24, Three International Towers, 300 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo, NSW Australia 2000

Engaging with Stacey Martin and her extensive network of local and international professionals will help open doors and fast-track your strategy or project in the Aus-China & Aus-Asia markets.

Disclaimer: Whilst Stacey Martin has previously worked as a licensed Financial Advisor, she does not currently hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). Those engaging Stacey for consulting, business matching and facilitation services will need to ensure they meet their own regulatory and compliance requirements.