Aus-Asia Business and Investor Migration Consulting

Significant Investor Visa & Investor2

As one of the industries most prominent experts, Stacey Martin can assist with a range of services for investor migration to Australia and New Zealand. 

For Applicants: direct channel to Australia or NZ
  • work with migration agents to obtain most appropriate visa pathway
  • co-ordination of appropriate solutions from banking to complying solutions to tax and legal professionals
  • additional opportunities and introductions in property, agriculture, business and lifestyle services

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For Industry Participants: co-ordinated approach
  • tailoring your value proposition to the Chinese market
  • marketing and promotion to attract ideal clients
  • integrating with trusted professional partners.

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Farms and Finance

  • business introduction platform for overseas investors into Australian agriculture and other sectors
  • compiling a compelling business story
  • facilitating connections and relationship management

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We can also provide introductions to professionals and specialists to complete transactions or deals flowing as a result of the introduction.  

Speaking and Communication

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Business and consulting services available on a fee retainer and success basis. To arrange an initial telephone or skype call to discuss your project and objectives contact us here.