Conviction: How thought leaders influence commercial conversations



The latest book by Thought Leaders Peter Cook, Michael Henderson and Matt Church shows how to make the shift from selling, to the evolution in allowing people to buy.

As a graduate of the Thought Leaders Mentoring program, one of the concepts that really resonates is “Clicking”.

That is, you are not selling, you are creating an environment to determine if what your prospect needs, is what your expertise can deliver.

You are not convincing, you have conviction. The idea is “problem- bridging” with solutions that can help.

  • Known, spoken problems – what everyone is discussing
  • Known, unspoken problems – what is beneath the surface?
  • Unknown, unspoken problems – the big why! By uncovering this you click!

You don’t need to sell, you are using an approach that provides the space to enable a buying decision.

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