Cynthia Dearin, Managing Director, Dearin & Associates

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Phone: +612 8076 4660
Mobile: +61 422 164 433

What we do

Dearin & Associates is an international business consulting company that helps clients to access opportunities and capital in fast-growing international markets. We specialise in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, helping Australian companies to enter MENA markets and MENA companies to enter the Australian market. We also work in Iran, Indonesia and Malaysia and are known for our high quality, independent advice.

Why international?

When I decided to start a consulting firm, I had one objective firm to mind: I wanted to empower businesses and their leadership by helping them to build connections and realise their full potential.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than partnering with innovative companies and helping them develop strategies, understand the culture, make contacts and clear regulatory hurdles so that they can get on with growing their business and reaching new markets.

I realised that no-one was providing this service for Australian companies wanting to go to the MENA region and so Australian exporters were missing out on enormous opportunities.

I also knew that exporters face numerous challenges when they enter new markets; dealing with these issues and their costs is what separates growing and successful enterprises from those who continue to struggle to gain international market share. As CEO of the Arab Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I had the chance to help dozens of Australian companies to find success in the fast-growing markets of the Gulf region, especially Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. And I was keen to make my experience and expertise available to companies who wanted help in understanding the MENA and succeeding there.

Who we help

Companies looking to do business in emerging markets, especially the Middle East & North Africa, Iran, Indonesia and Malaysia.