David Cambridge, Partner, Succession Plus

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T: 1300 665 473
M: 0410 517 101
E: dcambridge@successionplus.com.au
W: www.successionplus.com.au

What We Do

Succession Plus are specialists in providing proactive, focused and strategic advice for small to medium business owners, using our unique Intellectual Property and processes to manage Strategic Business Succession and Exit Planning for business owners.

Why International

The implementation of our Strategic Business Succession and Exit Plans often involves raising capital to fund growth or acquisitions leading up to an exit.

We work with various partners to source and attract investment from Chinese investors (new migrants, entrepreneurs and business partners), facilitate the relationships on both sides, and manage the process to achieve a successful outcome.

Furthermore Strategic Business Succession and Exit Planning is a universal need for business owners, and as such Succession Plus has expanded its operations to several offices in the US.

Who We Help

One of the largest concerns of baby-boomer business owners relates to their ability to realise all of the hard work (often over several years) to convert the large portion of the wealth contained in the business and related assets.

We have assisted many business owners over the last eight years to identify, protect, maximize and extract the value contained within their business to maximize value and achieve a successful exit.