Delegate Testimonials – Think Global “Invest in Australia” mission to AFF 2015

AFF_Welcome dinner w Josh Frydenberg

Ian Hyman, CEO, Hymans Valuers & Auctioneers:

“Another great trip which has brought me one step closer to demystifying the complexities of doing business in China, and with the Chinese.

The quality of the delegates in our mission was outstanding and I am looking forward to establishing several enduring relationships”.

Sam Benjamin, Head of SIV Investments, Allan Gray:

“Thank you to each and every one on you for what was a mind blowing experience, I think I’ve discovered a whole new approach to business development, now to get the rest of Australia on board.

I would especially like to thank Stacey for thinking to invite JD and I to join the delegation, the amount of work you put in and the passion you constantly displayed throughout the trip is something you can truly be proud of. And to David, Caroline, Vanessa and Jennifer, thank you all for making it such an extraordinary experience”.

Dan Pironti, Principal, ShineWing Pironti Consulting:

“Big thanks to the Think Global team of David, Caroline, Vanessa and Jennifer. I personally gained not only an amazing insight into how this incredible part of the world actually operates, but also  a huge amount of new contacts who I am sure will become friends for life.

A most full, enjoyable and insightful week indeed. I too look forward to following up on several conversations/leads and to staying in touch”.

Simon Talbot, Senior Manager, Financial Planning, NAB Private Wealth:

“I would also like to thank all involved with the Think Global trip. It is only now after I have had a few days to reflect on our time away that I realise what a wonderful week it was. Being able to mix both the business and social side of an expedition is important in doing business in the region and I believe that we all did it with great aplomb.

Most importantly, I feel like I have a new network of friends / colleagues and look forward to sharing ideas / opportunities going forward. A big thank you to the key contributors of the trip and I hope that everyone has left with the positive feeling that I have taken away from the delegation”.

Richard Grainger, Director, Sunrise Property Group

“I’ll echo all of the above – it’s been really terrific to meet all of you, get to know you, and enjoy the buzz of being around so many entrepreneurial souls. David and Stacey, thanks for appealing to me to come – you were right, it was better than May!

Thanks to the whole Think Global team for organizing a week full of insights, learning, fun and opportunities. There were several moments that were quite profound for me.”

Peter Black, Business & Executive Coach:

“It was great to meet and travel with you all last week and what a fun learning, networking and social week it was on so many levels.  I certainly gained more than what I could have envisaged particularly getting to know you, your business objectives and your stories.

Thanks very much David, Caroline, Jenny and Vanessa for guiding us safely through the various events, travel options, group photo opportunities and in facilitating introductions and translations.  The opportunities we had to meet at the Hong Kong Club, Fashion Show, Happy Valley races and Austcham in both Hong Kong and Guangzhou were particularly appreciated.

I developed a page on my website covering the week, aimed at my clients and networks, with some observation and conclusions which you can access here.