Delegate Testimonials – Think Global “Invest in Australia” mission to AFF 2016

 Mission group photo
Following are just some of the comments made after the 2016 trip. For a full list of delegates and contact details you can download the dual language Delegate Booklet here. 

Ivan Chait, Santa Fe:

‘”As our mission draws to a close I want to firstly thank David and Katya for putting the mission together and for the detailed arrangements, everything ran like clockwork. Also thank you to Stacey for persuading me to join the mission. Finally to all the delegates and new friends, it was fantastic meeting all of you and I look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks for a fantastic week.”

Check out Ivan Chait’s EAC profile here.

Jennifer Fong, Visacorp:

“Big thanks to David, Katya and also Stacey for this very special trip. It was indeed a very interesting and enjoyable journey. Well done and great to get to know everyone and pleased to assist with any enquiries for Visacorp and Migration Alliance. Look forward to future gatherings through Stacey’s Expat Advisors Community.”

Check out Jennifer Fong’s EAC profile here.

Ben Weeding, Buyside:

“Just a note to say Stacey a BIG THANKS for convincing me to go on such a well organised trip. I thoroughly enjoyed it, got my name out there, got the opportunity to begin one of my dreams, which is to talk in front of interested parties on property! Was also good to catch up with some old colleagues and friends, as well as make new ones. I look forward to the next trip, and please let me know if there is anything you may need as a follow-up. I’d be happy to help!”

Check out Ben Weeding’s EAC profile here.

Boyd Peters, Managing Director, Investment Company Services:

“It’s been a pleasure everyone, Hope it was successful for all of you. Thank you David and Katya, Stacey and all the others. Shenzhen was a blast! See you at AFF next year.”

Check out Boyd Peter’s EAC profile here.

Steve Hardy, Hindmarsh Capital: 

“My thanks to David, Katya and Stacey for an interesting and enjoyable trip. It was great to get to know all of the group and I trust we can keep in touch in the future.”

Suren Pather, Chairman SUMO Group of Companies: 

“Team Australia – thanks to all especially the organisers for a very worthwhile expedition and for ensuring a great group in attendance – all efforts are much appreciated and will certainly see me back again!”

If you are interested in next years mission please register your interest with Think Global or contact us.