Aus-China property developers conference – 8th June, 2016

Basis point background imageValued business connection, David Chin, BasisPoints is holding the 2nd  Aus-China Property Developers conference will be held at the Western Hotel Grand Ballroom in Sydney.

Chinese-linked activity in Australia’s property industry is continuing unabated, but there are risks and opportunities aplenty. Property funds are increasingly influential in Australia.

There are strongly opposing views on the future direction of the property market, which will give rise to interesting debate during this event. What will be their impact on the property landscape and could this impact be replicated in China?

The line-up of speakers and delegates promises to be the largest gathering of Chinese and Australian property developers and investors in one ballroom. These include:

  • Chinese, Asian & Australian property developers and investors
  • Wealth managers & deal-spotters/’compradors’, property fund managers and syndicators
  • Service providers including financiers, lawyers, QSs, accountants, builders, contractors, site amalgamators, real estate agents, private bankers, corporate advisors, private equity managers, sales/distribution professionals, & architects .

Where: Grand Ballroom, Westin Hotel, Sydney

When:  Wednesday 8 June,2016 1.50pm to 7.30pm

Cost: $360 plus GST – use promo code “coffeeonstacey” for a small discount for Expat Advisors Community members and connections

To book: go to the website for program details and to register here.

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