Be transported to ancient China with this magical performance: “Imperial Bells of China” – touring May/June 2016

China bells

Experience the lost world of “Ten Kingdoms” with exquisite ancient costumes and magnificent production.

Discover the music, cultural and spiritual history of the Imperial Bells of China  with the Hubei Opera Theatre coming to Australia.

The chime of bells have been recognised as a significant contribution to the heritage of Chinese music.  In 1978, the 2,400-year-old bronze and stonechime-bells of Duke Zeng’s Tomb, together with a series of other ancient instruments, were unearthed in Hubei China.

Not only is the sound of the bells filled with romantic and sonorous melodies but they are also visually breathtaking due to their grand scale and elaborate cast technique.

Performances will be held in:

You can see a preview of  in this short video:

This is a tremendous opportunity for those interested in Chinese culture and history beyond just doing business, and a great opportunity to entertain clients and connections with this unique performance.

Brought to Australia by Ausfeng, their vision is to promote the exchange of culture between Australia and China and contribute to the prosperity of a multicultural society. Over the last 15 years, they have presented more than 40 top class Chinese performances and exhibitions. To find out more about Ausfeng contact General Manage Cindy Xin on 0430 086 553  or go to their website here.

For more information on the Imperial Bells of China performances check out the website here.