Diversity and inclusion – the keys to Cultural Awareness

Tamerlaine BeasleyTamerlaine Beasley, Founder and Managing Director of Australia’s leading global workforce development company Beasley Intercultural, shared with the dozen or so  attendees at the September Expat Advisors Community forum what lead to her passion of intercultural studies and inclusive leadership.

Posted to Thailand with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tamerlaine worked overseas for a number of years before returning to Australia to undertake international studies at ANU. Today her business intercultural has over the last 17 years built an impressive client base including government departments such as Austrade, department of immigration, foreign affairs and trade, as well as ASX listed and global companies.

Cultural awareness is not just how to hand your business card out, it is more around respect for different cultural nuances, diversity and inclusion and tapping into resources across our global workforce. 17% of the Australia’s workforce has Asian cultural heritage so Australia is actually much more culturally aware than many think.

Tamerlaine shared a model for cultural competency which starts with self-awareness, perception and  knowledge through to arming employees with relevant capabilities to be effective in a global economy:

  • Awareness –those that are successful can handle ambiguity, have a willingness to engage and learn
  • Perception – how you are seen in the eyes of others
  • Knowledge – of cultural customs and communication styles
  • Capabilities – these are important but specifically being relevant to your role.

Check out the latest research from the Diversity Council of Australia, where Tamerlaine is on the steering committee, on “Leading in the Asian Century: A National Scorecard of Australia’s Workforce Asia Capability.”