Listen to Cynthia Dearin share her Middle-East experience and why China now?

Having worked as a diplomat and management consultant in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Cynthia Dearin, author of Camels, Sheiks and Billionaires, shares some amazing experiences from living and working in Cairo, Iran and Qatar. 

Today Cynthia runs Dearin Associates helping SME’s enter fast-growing markets and has, following demand from clients, extended her offering to the China market.

In this episode of the Aus-China Business Channel Cynthia highlights the differences between market entry strategies for marketing products versus marketing services. She also explains how tools like the Market Entry Strategy Stress Test can help identify areas that may require attention.

Those ready for internationalisation may which to access the expertise of Dearin Associates by undertaking this year’s International Business Accelerator program.

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Listen to the full interview by Stacey Martin, Founder of Expat Advisors Community with Cynthia Dearin, Dearin Associates here.