Peter Black, Executive Coach, shares his conference preparation strategy

EAC-Peter Black

Attending the 2015 Invest in Australia mission to Hong Kong and Guangzhou in China, Peter Black’s objective as an Executive Coach and TEC Chair was to learn more about this fast growing region.

Peter shared with the attendees at the January 2016 discussion group the mind map he used for preparation for the week-long trip.

Starting with the “why” or strategy for attending, the financial considerations, process and execution in terms of collateral and social media and the personal aspects including cross cultural understanding, and keeping fit whilst away.

  • In considering who he may potentially meet, the key objectives were identifying new centres of influence, and gaining knowledge to assist his coaching clients who are senior executives and business owners.
  • Engaging a translator to obtain a Chinese name for his business card, as well as a dual language flyer he could use with those he met.
  • On the technology side, with google banned in mainland China (not Hong Kong), Peter quickly learned that with a lot of his social media, would need to take a different tack, although was accessible via hotel VPN’s.

For Peters business, he wasn’t actually looking to market to locals, so there was no specific ROI nexus. However he felt if you were serious about delivering products and services you would need to visit regularly, as one meeting and follow-up emails would not be sufficient to build relationships.

However, since returning, the experience has shaped some of Peter’s conversations in dealing with his clients and networks with the ability to offer relevant insights. Importantly Peter now has a new network of experts to support his client’s objectives.

You can check out Peter’s blogs from the 2015 mission here.