Ian Hyman, CEO, Hymans Valuers and Auctioneers

Ian HymanContact details

Phone: 02 8270 4400

Mobile: 0416 151597
Email: ianhyman@hymans.com.au

Website: www.hymans.com.au


What we do

With a chartered accounting background, Hymans provides valuations across a range of Australian industries ranging from food manufacturing, importers and distributors, mining, transport, and technology companies through to five-star hotels, as well as plant and equipment.

Why international?

There is an increasing number of inbound investors from Asia who are looking to acquire assets in Australia. By obtaining an independent valuation, potential investors who are not as familiar with the local market will have confidence they are paying an appropriate price.

Who we help

Our clients include Asian Investors, multinationals and migrants settling in Australia. Our services range from individual property valuations to large scale assignments across Australasia.