Judy Hendricks, Executive Director, Australia Asia Executive Center

judy hendricksContact details

Mobile: 0434 643 928

Email: judy@aaecenter.com

Website:  www.aaecenter.com

Who were are

The Australia Asia Executive Center (AAEC) has combined modern theory and practice within our evolutionary programs to help develop expansion strategies and unlock client potential to shape a culturally-connected framework for your business.

Why International?

Our philosophy at AAEC is to enhance communication between business leaders and industry specialists who are pursuing expansion across the Asia-Pacific. We act as a cross-cultural network for businesses with aligned goals, creating connections with tangible outcomes.

Who we help

Fast track businesses and executives with the knowledge base to enhance their global profile and competitive edge for business growth in the Asia-Pacific region by means of executive coaching programs, business solutions and supportive services.

Whether you are looking to build your global profile, gain local insight, or access networks, AAEC will provide you with a comprehensive program tailored to meet your objectives.