Do you know your Social Selling Index?

ssi pillars

Do you know your SSI and is it important?

Today building your professional brand is critical for your career development, building relevant connections and on-going success. If you receive referrals from your personal or professional networks, you are already doing social selling!

The areas measured by the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) are:

  • establish a professional brand
  • find the right people
  • engage with insights
  • build trusted relationships

To find out your SSI score go to:

If your SSI score is above 70, you are already a leader in social selling. However, if it is below 30 your are a laggard and have some work to do!

Engage with Insights

This is an important aspect to increase viability by appearing in the news feed of your connections. You can do this by:

  • liking articles that resonate
  • make thoughtful comments on your  connections post
  • share articles your network would find interesting and relevant.

In terms of content you should consider those that resonate with your profession brand, your role, company or profession.

Your professional brand is how you portray yourself an how others see you. By building a professional profile you can warm up conversions, use your network for referrals and establish relationships.

For more information on using linked in for building your professional brand check out this article.