How to capture your insights: tips for event goers

SIV audienceDo you go to lots of events? Hear great ideas but then can’t remember or don’t put into action?

These days it is not uncommon to see audience members on their devices during a speech. We used to think that was rude, but I love the anecdote of the speaker that called out an audience member who was actually tweeting how amazing the speaker was!

So how can you make sure you get value out of all this great content to benefit your business?

Take Notes

evernote logoThere are so many ways to do this now from programs on your IPad like the popular Evernote app, to transcribing pens to the old-fashioned pen and paper. You can check out some of these apps here.

It’s not about writing down everything verbatim, but looking for key insights and tips that can augment or add to your own views. Also, ask other attendees what they got out of the discussion and test your ideas.

Post on Social Media

Twitter –  this is an easy way to keep your followers posted on key insights during the event. Check out the speakers beforehand to get their handles and any relevant hashtags. For example, for the 2017 Australian Financial Services delegation we provided attendees with the following:

  • Conference handle @AFF_HK, also @HKTDC_Sydney @InvestHK @Austrade @austchamhk
  • My handle @AusChinaExpert and Paul Resnik @paulresnik
  • Relevant hashtags: #AFF #China #fintec or other topic reflecting your expertise or interests.


Others may even re-tweet your messages increasing your profile and potentially attracting those interested in finding our more about you and your services.

Blogs – if the topic really resonates with your expertise you may wish to take the time to write an article to share your key learnings. This can be daunting however, a framework I find really useful is the Why, What, How and then benefit or next step:

  • Why – this topic, why now?
  • What – the core theme and key messages
  • How – to use the information
  • Benefit/next step – call to action or where to get more information.

Make sure you attribute content and put links to the speaker. You may also wish to do some additional research on the topic to broaden the article and your own knowlege. If you have related blogs you can also provide links, deepening your expertise and increasing presence for search engines.

linked in - relationships matterIf you have your own website it should have a blog or you can use LinkedIn to “write and article.” Remember to put a message at the end about your expertise and contact details.

Record any action items

I record action items on a separate page or straight into the to-dos on my iPhone, whether from the talk of something that springs to mind during the session. If the speaker references a relevant book or research, then jot this down as well.

So, what do YOU think?

Remember as an expert or thought leader in your industry you are adding to your knowledge bank all the time. My early mentor, Matt Church of Thought Leaders Global says

“it’s not just about the content, it’s what you think about the content”.

We all have our unique lens from experiences gained over the years. Today more than ever people are looking for insights, not just information and that’s what your clients and followers value.

About Stacey Martin

expat advisors community logo squareFounder of the Expat Advisors Community for professionals with internationally connected clients, Stacey Martin is known as a Strategic Connector. With an extensive financial services background, today Stacey’s consults in the Aus-China space including business matching, inbound migration, business delegations and networking events.  You can contact Stacey here