Property Trends from BuySide

I recently attended a session at the invitation of Ben Weeding, a property buyers agent specialising in assisting expats build investment property portfolios in Australia. You can view the presentation here.

Some of the key points included:

  • House prices – up in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but declined in Darwin and Perth
  • Unit prices – up in Sydney and Adelaide, but oversupply in Melbourne
Recent Trends
  • Mining downturn – with a 76% drop in the iron ore price
  • Low interest rates – record low of 2% has stimulated the economy to encourage buyers
  • Low savings rates – lowest since 2008
  • Increasing construction– in most states except Sydney
  • The APRA impact – has resulted in requirements for higher deposits and buffers for investment loans
Future influences
  • Impact of China – our biggest trading partner, rising middle class and interest in prestige homes
  • Search for yield – APRA impact
  • Jobs growth – where will it come from ?

For more information contact Expat Advisors Community member Ben Weeding.