155 SIV2’s granted with 150 awaiting approval

 With so much going on in the world, lifestyle destinations such as Australia and New Zealand are benefiting from investor migration. Whilst in both countries the majority have been from China, enquiries are increasing from other Asians countries as well as UK, US and South Africa.

The number of Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applications approved under the new investment regime to 31st March 2017, which includes $500,000 of the $5M into venture capital and the balance in Australian managed funds, has increased by 19 in last month to a total of 155, with a further 150 applications lodged and awaiting approval.

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the total number of SIV’s granted since the commencement of the program on 24 November 2012 is now sitting at 1,788, with 1,623 under SIV1 and 155 under SIV2.

The top five source countries of investor migrants to Australia is:

  • China – 88%
  • Hong Kong – 2.9%
  • Malaysia – 1.3%
  • South Africa – 1.2%
  • Vietnam – 1%

The NSW government has recently held roadshows in China and Malaysia and in June will present on the business, investment and lifestyle opportunities in Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Stacey Martin has an extensive career in financial services and private wealth management and founded the Expat Advisors Community network for professionals with internationally connected clients. As a trusted authority on the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) program, Stacey provides relationship management services for applicants to Australia and New Zealand,  predominantly from China, Vietnam and India. She is the author of “Smooth Road to Travel – China to Australia” which can be downloaded here.