Consulting Service to SIV industry

SIV logoHave you received enquiries for the Significant Investor Visa program from valued connections?  Would you like the capability to deal with Chinese clients but are unsure what is required?

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Moving to Australia

For anyone considering moving to another country, either now or in the future, there are many lifestyle and financial issues to consider. For financial planners, fund managers and other professionals considering working with Significant Investor Visa (SIV) applicants, it’s not just about a $5,000,000 investment, they need to integrate with other professionals starting with migration.

A registered migration agent or lawyer can determine the most appropriate business, innovation or investment visa pathway for the family’s circumstances and future needs. The SIV/888 visa is just one option. 

Finding trusted partners

Coming from a country with a very different legal and financial system, navigating Australia’s highly regulated financial environment can be daunting, particularly as under the program SIV applicants are not required to have English language skills.

In China, building trusted relationships or guanxi, is the foundation of business and life, which takes time and patience. Many prefer to rely on those they know, who may not have the necessary skills, versus an expert they don’t know.

In the early phase of the program, many applicants purchased complying products directly from fund managers. There has been a lack of awareness of the role of Financial Planners and Private Advisors in Australia who can tailor complying investment solutions from a broad range of fund managers, aligned to the applicant’s personal risk profile and objectives.

Liana Allan, from peak industry body Migration Alliance, says “not only can a migration agent provide advisors with access to SIV investors, but advisors can help increase the prospects of a successful outcome with a properly executed, well thought out investment strategy”.

SIV Consulting Service

Financial planners, investment advisors and other professionals looking to serve Significant Investor Visa applicants, where 90% of have come from mainland China, may need to augment their current value proposition with access to additional services tailored to the needs of these VIP clients.

Stacey Martin, SIV Consultant provides a range of consulting services to support businesses with an end-to-end process:

  • Strategy – ensuring you have the right proposition and argument with other professionals
  • Lead Generation – review of your own channels and access to additional partners
  • Culture – for building relationships, holding meetings and tailoring your processes and procedures
  • Marketing collateral – advice on preparing appropriate material to appeal to Chinese investors
  • Banking – the importance of account opening in the first instance for the identification process and move the funds to Australia
  • Migration – process for interaction with clients migration agent or lawyer to meet  Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requirements
  • Investments – access to compliant products and assistance with portfolio construction within the constraints of the program
  • Compliance – guidance on financial advisory documents and implementation procedures
  • Language – access to interpreters and translation services
  • Tax – introduction to cross jurisdictional tax experts
  • Other specialists – legal, property, business and lifestyle services as required.

The fee based consulting service delivers comprehensive support and assistance to financial planners and advisors working with their migration partners and referral connections. It starts with understanding the referral partners business and their needs, positioning the SIV Consulting services as a support partner bringing together step-by-step relevant tools and strategies to ensure the advisor is in the best possible position to meet the needs of  intending migrants and their families.

Going forward, clients will have a range of financial needs and other requirements as their transition to Australia progresses. With the power of gaunxi, building trusted relationships and delivering a superior client experience, referrals from these wealthy individuals friends and business connections will inevitably start to flow.

About Stacey Martin

According to a recent IFA Magazine article*, Stacey Martin is arguably Australia’s most prominent SIV specialists. She has been working with SIV Applicants since the commencement of the program in late 2012, chaired the NAB Concierge proposition until July 2017 until setting up her own SIV consultancy.

Stacey is also the founder of the Expat Advisors Community, a network for professionals with internationally connected clients. She compiled the SIV educational booklet “Smooth Road to Travel – China to Australia” which can be downloaded here. 

To find out more about how Stacey can assist you build your SIV proposition call 0413 127 677 or email:

*”Enter the Dragon” by Aleks Vickovich, IFA Magazine, July 2015

Whilst Stacey Martin was previously a licensed financial advisor, those looking to engage Stacey to provide SIV Consulting Services are responsible for the advice provided to their clients and will need to ensure they meet the requirements of their own financial services licensee.