Investor Migration Consulting Service

Are you considering moving to Australia or New Zealand and would like information on the various options? Are you unfamiliar with the range of financial and migration services and not sure who to trust?

Australia and New Zealand are attractive destinations for migration with strong government, regulated financial services, good schools, clean air and enviable lifestyles. There are a range of business, employment and investment visa options to suit personal circumstances and future plans.

  • Australia has the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) which has relaxed language, age and other criteria. It requires applicants to invest $5M into a portfolio of complying investments for four years.


  • New Zealand has an NZD 3M Investor 2 visa which is also four years and permits new residential real estate.
Investment Migration Consulting Service

For those moving from another country the prospect of navigating a new financial and migration system can be daunting.

Stacey Martin, Investment Migration Consultant and founder of the Expat Advisors Community network for professionals with internationally connected clients, can assist by connecting a range of suitably qualified professionals to meet the needs of VIP’s and their families.


The author of “Smooth Road to Travel – China to Australia,” a guide to navigating the Australian financial and migration landscape, Stacey can assist SIV and Investor 2 Applicants with a co­ordinated service to help make the journey as smooth as possible.

This includes:

  • Banking – account opening and arranging identification requirements
  • Migration – introduction to registered agents or lawyers to manage the immigration application process
  • Complying investments – introduction to specialist advisors and fund managers
  • Language – interpretation and translation services
  • Accounting and tax – introduction to cross-border experts
  • Legal services – for business, property, and asset succession
  • Schools – assistance to select appropriate education providers
  • Property – specialists in residential, commercial and agriculture
  • Lifestyle – travel and concierge services.

Download the dual language flyer SIV Consulting Service. 

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Working with one of Australia’s most respected SIV experts will provide those considering investment migration with peace of mind they are engaging with qualified professionals to maximise the opportunity of a successful outcome.

For more information on the range of professional services through Expat Advisors Community including the Investment Migration Consulting Service, you can Contact Us,  or call  Stacey Martin on +61 (0) 413 12 7677 or WeChat staceym97.